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Important Tips for Making An Online Marketing Video

Through Lilipip's recent Biznik events, we are learning that more and more business owners see the need for online marketing videos. The problem is that they are unsure of how to create a good video. Over the next several weeks, we're going to give you the most current tips & tricks to help you make your own marketing video. 

Today, let's start with our #1 tip:

Don’t film your own talking head, show your prospect in pain:

  • Talking head is a left-over of broadcast TV where the viewer was passive. In contrast, computer users create their own experiences, thus being active.
  • In an eye-tracing study, viewers of a talking head video spent most of their attention outside the video (on road sign in the background, player controls, etc.); in videos of moving objects and in animations the focus stays sharply on the subject.
  • Historically in movie making, by showing the main character in pain you create empathy and anticipation in the audience; by beginning with an explanation of who you are, you bore your audience to tears – they don’t care for you.

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