Tyler Duncan, Online Marketing Specialist,

Mundia needed a video to promote our family tree website to a young Latin American audience. We wanted a short, adventure-packed animation that would arouse peoples' interest in discovering more about their own family history story. We also wanted to challenge the misconception of genealogy being a dull hobby for old people and instead present it in a colorful and fun way. But that's not all. While we were particularly interested in appealing to Spanish and Portuguese speakers, we wanted a video that could easily and affordably be adapted for viewers of other languages without the overhead of translation and voiceover costs. A tall order I know, but Lilipip proved themselves up to the challenge.

The Mundia team is extremely happy with how the video turned out and we're excited to finally be launching our video marketing campaign to drive site registrations. Would I use Lilipip’s services again? You betcha! When I consider the enormous amount of creative energy that went into putting our little animation together, Lilipip quite simply over-delivered. Thanks to the Lilipip team and in particular to Linda, Jen, Alex and Charlie. I look forward to the next opportunity to work with you guys!

Manuel Espino, Senior Marketing Manager

"Lilipip did an excellent job on the Parallels Elastic IT solution video. Their team was highly professional, diligent in communication and accomplished all elements of the project on time and within our budget. We look forward to working with the Lilipip team on additional projects."

Alex Nocifera, Circle Street

"Lilipip did a fantastic job at collaborating all the moving parts and we were very happy with the results for both videos. We have and will continue to recommend Lilipip as an amazing resource, for companies of any size, to tell a company and/or product’s story in a simple-to-understand animation."

Brett Houchin, Blog/Video Supervisor

“My name is Brett Houchin and I am the video/blog supervisor for I took on the Lilipip video project with a great deal of excitement for the process of seeing our culture come to life in an animation, and we accomplished exactly that. I had zero experience with Lilipip when I first took the project on, but they proved to be such a great and easy company to work with, and they truly get where we at Zappos are coming from. Many companies in this business just want to take a small portion of what we do and create their own version of it for the product that they create, but Lilipip has an in-depth interview and research process that they use to make sure that they are representing your brand as best that they can. I look forward to working with them again in the near future!”.

Others Online

Jordan Mitchell, Founder & CEO

“Others Online offers a unique and innovative solution within a somewhat noisy market, and felt that a short video/animation was the best way to communicate the value quickly. Since we're a startup, the 5-figure proposals we received were cost-prohibitive. Lilipip immediately impressed us with their creativity, firm grasp of the objectives, and process. Within a very short time, and at a fraction of the cost, we had a 1 minute video/animation that was both entertaining and educational”.


Tera Eerkes, CEO

“Lilipip has been an ideal choice for our company. We needed a high-impact, visually compelling animation that conveyed a complex idea simply. The Lilipip team did a fantastic job of brainstorming and structuring an animation to meet our needs. Careful analysis by Ksenia and her team has led to a much deeper understanding of our product and even better appreciation on our part of the QTrait brand and our market niche. It was a fantastic experience that all small companies should consider, because it will advance your branding efforts in ways that most marketing companies cannot.”

Topaz Bridge

Michelle Speirs, Marketing Programs Manager

“My name is Michelle Speirs and I am the Marketing Programs Manger at Topaz Bridge™, a Software Applications company which integrates SAP® and Microsoft® SharePoint® software. I had seven weeks before a major tradeshow and urgently needed to find a company who could produce an animation video for us which could enhance our corporate and product brands and also create stopping power onsite at our booth.  I extensively reviewed 7 companies and was beginning to think this was an impossible task, time was running out and our budget was very tight. I contacted Lilipip Studios who were confident from the start that they could produce a video for us.  And they did deliver on their promise, not only did Lilipip Studios produce a video within our budget, but they also delivered the video in two weeks, well in time for our departure.  At the show our television screens were the main feature of our booth design and the video added tremendous value to our overall branding and messaging.  We just used the video at a second event last week and we will be using the video again at future events. Lilipip made the entire production process simple, from getting the messaging right to selecting the images and music and it was great to see the finished product animated. Lilipip has an amazing team of people to work with; I really did appreciate the dedication and flexibility of their team and will look forward to working with them again in the very near future.”

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